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Exclusive 1:1 Sessions 

for the busy professional

The deep desire

You want the same level of fulfilment in your personal life as you have done in business.

But trusting someone that closely, is too hard

It can be lonely at the top and being seen and heard is what you crave. 

That deeper passion, where a man is supportive and gives you the level of love and intimacy you need. 

You know you want that deep kind of soul love, but at this point, feel its not even a thing. Its something unreachable and that it may not be in the cards for you. 

How about we change that?

-- as time is flying by and bossing on your career, you gotta make time to work on yourself and make that change.


This is a powerful program that aligns you to better relationships and connecting on a deeper and more intimate level where you will feel seen and heard.

"Where you go from Drama to Released Trauma"

You get that personalized support to align you at the soul level. Stopping you from attracting the emotionally unavailable, non-provider, unprotective kind of men and start receiving the ones that are ready for YOU. To give love, protect and provide for you the way you deserve.  

Start creating the energy within you to receive this love effortlessly without fear of abandonment, betrayal and avoidance that has been handed to you in the past. 

Allowing someone back In 

the fear of this has kept you at bay for so long, its time to let this go..

Meeting someone more aligned to YOU

ridding the constant "fillers" when you're bored and just-not-interested

Enjoy & Communicate well with your boo

end thinking they should "just know" and tired of long texts or long waits to responses

Be That Soulmate Magnet & Attract Options

Results to be in alignment and truly receive the soulmate you are destined for.  It's time to be Spiritually Sexy

About Keshia

The "Vibrant Queen" is the CEO and Founder of Universal Love, a healing platform to ancient wisdom, teachings and energetic work that supports hundreds of women and men every month with their emotional work, self-healing and spiritual enlightenment.

She is multi-faceted with her healing abilities and understanding of personal development, energy work, communication, relationships and the energies that make stronger impacts for founding a powerful relationship.

In this program, you will learn and take action easily with my healing and teachings to attract magnetically men that YOU are interested in from a soul level. That means more joy, love and abundance in your life as you break past the fears and past hurts. Even better, you'll have a tribe to help and support you along the way. :)

The Personalized Experience..

This 12 Week program will get you from drama to release of trauma. This is the first step and key to your lasting healing. Keshia Provides you with everything you need to be successful in life and business. Do away with continual shadow clearing and ongoing support to cope with the past.  

It's time to heal.

Personalized Healing Sessions

We meet weekly on phone calls to connect on an energetic level to truly feel into what is stopping you from connecting on a deeper level and to heal this. You also have the convenience of setting a session for a set time, if you are unavailable for our set time.

On Demand Communications

A very powerful way to shift dynamically when working through those difficult spots.  With online text and call support in between your sessions, I will be like a friend you never had.  A supportive space for you to connect and let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you captive.

Members-only Live Events

These are available for you to join on a weekly basis for powerful healing meditations and live Q&A's.  Busy professionals get access to this and instant access replays for on the go and travels. 

Intuitive Guidance

Our healings are blended with intuitive guidance and coaching to help you truly see what is limiting you.  My insight, will pinpoint your exact habits that are looping you in karmic cycles.

As a successful vibrational healing guide, business entrepreneur, author and speaker.

I understand what you are feeling and know the pain that you have endured. Work with a woman that can identify with your trauma, anxieties and fears to help you release them and start to live the life of happiness, love, health and abundance that you desire. 

You KNOW You Want Love

The challenge is your past has shown you lemons. Its time you we break the beliefs formed and start aligning you to what you want.

You've achieved it in business. Let's get it in love.

The One for you is already here

Its just a matter of aligning you to magnetize to your life. To see here in your physical reality. With us, we will laugh, cry and grow together as we connect on a soul level. 

What you are looking for, is behind these doors. We will have fun as you embrace this newness within you. Magnetizing not just love, but so much more balance for your overall life. Feeling freedom, love, abundance and joy.

Make the Move to Living a fulfilled life with your ideal partner and writing your own happily ever after.

Our program helps you through a whole reset to attract and keep the next level lifestyle you want to live in.  

What people say

Ananya Chatterjee

"I'm sleeping better, so much less anxiety, manifested a new job and now manifesting the man I want to be with. These weekly meetings have helped me alot."

John Doe

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Benefits of Joining!

  • You get direct access to Keshia Martin

  • Founder of Universal Love, author of "Open Let Life Make Sense, Entrepreneur, Creator of Ancient Light Healing to guide you through your journey.

  • You get the healing

  • Not just the group, but with your individual healing sessions as well.  This works the energetics behind the beliefs, lifting what has been stuck.

  • You get the mindset training to help you 

  • Break the habits that have kept you feeling this is it.  Here we shift the beliefs entirely to awaken you to what you are truly worthy of receiving.

  • You get to hang out with other spirited peeps like yourself to grow, heal and manifest with!

  • Give your friends a break from burnout and grow with a tribe that know, feel and relate to what you are learning and going through.

  • You learn how to do these things for yourself..

  • Instead of the same cycle and results, you start being that gyal! That one that magnetizes love to you!

  • You learn how to better connect and communicate with men

  • Its not just getting the ONE, but keeping too.  You will become so attuned you are aware of how you are connecting with your mate and how to be better heard.


  • Executives, Business Leader or Entrepreneur doing Boss work and is tired of feeling lonely at the top.

  • That focus driven successful person in business that wants that same level of success in love and personal.

  • If you are open to holistic and energy work practices to change the energetics.

  • You are ready for a change and want real results.

  • You want that soul love.


  • Local brick and mortar businesses like restaurants - I did a lot of work with restaurants in the past, but this training program is for businesses who market and sell online.

  • Someone who is just dabbling in marketing and doesn't see the value of investing as a way to grow their knowledge, skills, and sales.

  • Someone who believes they will instantly have a 6 or 7 figure business simply because they enrolled.