Coaching Program

Vibrational Coaching is an Elite experience connecting you with the oneness to get you to the energetic states you need to move in divine timing. When we work together, you gain the abilities to manifest, connect and move with intention. It’s time to stop moving in a motion that has you overthinking, in states of worry or disconnect.

When you know what you want and are just ready to move forward and feel like you can’t, 9 out of 10 you are blocked energetically.

Everything is energy and on a soul level you are calling for a change. What I do is get you unstuck. Connecting energetically, knowing there is no thing as time, our distance calls no bearing for the here and now. Not only do I tap in to move what is limiting you. You also learn how to dissolve these issues.

It takes time to heal and in time together, we work on the releasing past trauma into the self discipline of functioning in the heart space and using your gifts. With me you have the options of working with 3 months to 1 year.

The packages will be decided at the time of our discovery call and based on your needs and the requirements to get you there.

How Much time is needed for Energy Healing?

The sessions offered in each package includes 2 to 3 private sessions in the month. The sessions are typically 1 hour. I work with you to streamline this into your life to become a natural habit in just being Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically strong.


What You Will Get

– Mastery of your energy to Manifest, Self-Heal
– Identify your spiritual gifts and how to use them
– Breaking Energetic Ties
– Restoring Light Body Energy for Growth
– Weekly Follow Up Contact
– Available for text or contact during challenging times
– Mastering Trust with Intuition for Decisions

Coaching is for 90 Days on a Bi-Weekly Schedule. Included is:

– 6 Hours of Individual Coaching/Energy Sessions
– Energy Healing to break Karmic Ties
– Healings to Bring In Restored Energy to Prosper and Grow
– Recommended Readings
– Weekly Check-Ins
– Journal/Tools Welcome Kit


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