diconnecting the disconnect

Love, laughter, smiles and warmth are all some necessary ingredients to heal you emotional, physical and spiritual well being.   Without these, energetically you are lost and disconnected from your higher self. This disconnect creates negative results such as worry, insecurity, fear, loss, anger, shame, lonliness and depression to name a few.   Most cope with the negative results that surface, in varied ways.   These ways include physical methods like exercise or for other, going within with prayer and meditation, others use the ego with analytical thinking.

Although each may be beneficial with overcoming of or transitioning of the negative energy, it is the consistent effort that will ultimately give you the results you are looking for.  I have found that taking on one issue at a time, leads to the best result.  I also incorporated that it takes approximately 30 days to keep a new habit.

So if you are making the choice to start your healing process, know and accept this:

  1. There will be challenges.  They never stop.
  2. Accept it.  This is life.
  3. You must go through it to to get through it.
  4. If you make a mistake, then you are doing.
  5. Keep going.
The biggest and best thing given to you, is you.  So love you, smile and laugh more. This increases the healing process and promotes more positive energy  throughout your body.  
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