Embracing the Void of Nothingness

Embrace the level of Nothingness a place where one connects with the true source of energy. 

There is a point where we all go through a void in our lives.  This is usually in a time of separation from the old as we get prepared for the new.  It is here where one can say “I feel nothing”.  Many feel disconnected here, lost and at most uncomfortable.  Know that this okay.  It is a changing point for you.  It is here your future switches from your past.  Many feel this during life changes that may include one or more of the following:

1.  Moves
2.  Changes in Relationship
3.  Increase in Faith
4.  Changes with Friends
5.  Death
6. Change in Job/Career Path

Also, this can be equated to certain levels of meditation, where you elevate to a level in space where you feel no form, no energies around you.  This is a beautiful place to connect with source and your spirit.  It is here you can encompass great energy and feel the vibrations that are in the Universe.


During the destruction of one, the uncertainty of what is to come to test Trust, Faith, Patience and more.  It increases the will and positive momentum when one embraces this, instead of fighting and going to a place of worry and angst.  The KEY here to release the fear, this is a block.  One that comes with patterned thoughts.  Those thoughts are from the self-limiting beliefs of your past.  Release them so you can fully embrace this feeling in its trueness.  NOTHINGNESS – the void between two worlds.

So be still my friend.  A level of peace and quiet to the mind like this, in the world we live today, is rare.  So be still and receive the energy and messages for the prayers and request that you have asked.  

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