Energetic Boundaries

Learn to establish the energetic boundaries for yourself.  This is essential with keeping a positive outlook, thoughts and manifestations.  An energetic boundary is a protective method one does to keep from losing energy or picking up one of someone else.

We each have our life energy within us and surrounds our physical bodies.  Many have heard the term aura.  This is essentially the energy you cast off from your body and thoughts.  As a result, if not protected, one can blend into others or the energy within an environment.

Signals that this is occurring would be sudden loss of energy where you are suddenly fatigued, sleepy or tired from coming in contact with someone or arriving at a location.  Another signal would be a change in overall mood.  Your emotions may have moved from happy to mad/sad or mad/sad to happy.  Essentially what is occurring is a transfer of energy.  Where two or more people are connecting at a different frequency.

Other terms have been created to define the loss of energy, such as energy vampires.  This is in a case where a person feels that one is purposely taking your energy.  For many times, as you get around them, you can tend to feel drained, as though they are sucking the life out of you.

To prevent such things and perform to your greatest ability there are things that you can do preserve your own energy.

Here are some steps that work:

1.  Identify places or people that drain you.
2.  If possible, stay away from them.
3.  Practice Visualization to protect yourself and your energy
4. Watch & Slow your Breath

Visualization is a thought process where you are actively  imagining a light or protection around you.  In essence, you are extending your aura in a way that encompasses your body, much like a force field.

By taking a moment now you can practice this method.

1.  Close your eyes and envision a white light at a distance.
2.  As you do this take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through the mouth.
3.  Do this slowly.
4.  As you do each breath, envision the white light coming closer to you.
5.  As it comes closer, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
6.  As it comes near you, step into this white ball of light.
7.  Feel the warmth of the light and how it surrounds you.
8.  Feel its protection as it encompasses your body.
9.  Envision this light expanding around you to a comfortable size.
10.  Know that nothing can enter, only your own energy source to move through you.

This visualization is good to do before you come in contact or while in contact with the persons or places that pull energy from you.

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