Energy Shifts! Mercury Retrogrades, What Gives?

It’s all about the energy and connecting with the vibe. This month, expect massive amounts of changes as we shift into another retrogade with Mercury.

What is a Retrograde or Energy Shift?

A retrograde with a planet, in simplest terms means that it is spinning in the opposite direction of what it normally does. This happens ever so often pending on the planet. When it does, the change in magnetism as it aligns with our planet shifts with us.

Now, how this happens is because everything is energy. So in terms of science, when the magnetism between two polarities is different, you notice changes with the energy of all things affected in between. This includes us as human beings, the technology we use and so much more. More so now with the use of Wi-Fi, Electomagnetic Waves (EMF) and the energy of our planet.

When these Big Masses shift movement with momentum, the energetic forces between also shift creating a dynamic impact in our sleep patterns, communication, interactions and more depending on the energy of the planet. At first, much of these terms seem Whooo-woo. But as we I’ve explained, you can see there is much more to it than “Oh a retrograde, lets pull out crystals”, you now get to get a glimpse of the mechanics and start to put reasoning to what you are dealing with.

This is the HOW it affects you.

Now mercury retrograde affects communication. With people, technology and more. Here you may notice issues with your phone, trying to send a text, computer systems going down or things just not working.

For example, the past system fails like Facebook or Google going down, were all during a Mercury Retrograde. You may notice more miscommunication, misunderstandings.

These shifts can be a pain, draining and just straight overwhelming. You can lose time, find loss in productivity, unpredictable disruption with loved ones that create avoidable emotional upsets.

On top of tha,t you can have moments where you just feel fatigued or pulled down in energy from energy vampires around.

For upward movement as you release, you must protect your energy. Clearing it and moving through the shifts as they are occurring.

For help with this and all the essential tools that I have used, get my Energy Clearing 101. A quick guide for you to start implementing elements to raise your vibe, cleanse your home and keep you focused during these shifts and retrogrades.