Energy Shifts! Mercury Retrogrades, What Gives?

It’s all about the energy and connecting with the vibe. This month, expect massive amounts of changes. Speak life into existence and trust the process. But how do you do it with all the changes?

With retrogrades and eclipses, things can get into a spin. Literally shifting you off center.

Now, how this happens is because everything is energy. With the planets, they all rotate a particular way. However, this rotation shifts. This is retrograde. The alternate rotation for a planet. When this occurs, it shifts magnetism and the pull between forces including Earth. Thus resulting in shifts with energy and polarities.

This is the HOW it affects you. When these Big Masses shift movement with momentum, the energetic forces between also shfit creating a dynamic impact on all influenced. At first, much of these terms seem Whooo-woo. But as we delve in more, we will find there is much science to this.

Now mercury retrograde affects communication. With people. Technology and more. Past system fails like Facebook or Google going down, were all during a Mercury Retrograde. And stuff like that I can’t make up. How it will impact you will be the same. You may notice more miscommunication, misunderstandings. things being delayed, computer and phone acting up and more.

These shifts can be a pain, draining and just straight overwhelming. You can lose time, find loss in productivity, unpredictable disruption with loved ones that just leaves you at a loss. You can have moments where you just feel fatigued or pulled down in energy from energy vampires around.

For upward movement as you release, you must protect your energy. Clearing it and moving through the shifts as they are occurring. Best bet, get the energy session booked with me, pronto! Next step, grab the healing tools/ascension tools combo. For a limited time you get the two essentials for one great low price!

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