There is more to this life than you know.  This lack of understanding creates a ripple effect through ones true self.  Creating a disconnect that causes confusion and creates a separation from within. The separation is with the mind, heart and soul.  For self mastery, we must understand what the heart feels .  For the heart to be on the right path and have accurate discernment,  the heart must be connected in a positive stream of energy.

Only from here can the heart truly guide on the journey through enlightenment.  Enlightenment is a self discovery process of awakening to what is.  There is so much for us to embrace, understand and learn and unlearn.

Being open to receive and learn is fundamental with your growth.  The hardest one for many, is to be open to receive the things that were taught as wrong.  To receive this is not to accept or change your viewpoint, but to learn for understanding and true clarity.
It is here you can create a base point of connections between religions, philosophies, theories, science, media and you.  It is here you begin to learn the truth.  For everyone’s walk is different and their experiences unique to them.  
However, if you learn and understand the varied points conducive to any one experience, you can conceptually apply a learned lesson to another aspect in your spiritual growth.  It will be found that there is truly nothing new under the sun. 
Science is finding its way through religions, theories, philosophies, health and evolution to connect the dots for strengthening the foundation of truth.  With use of multimedia, books and much more, we have access to much of this to learn and understand from.  
The commonality with all of these is that there is love that stems from the heart.  Other findings connect the stories in the bible to relate-able evidence in science and other religions.  The teachings and paths through these channels are here and the time to end the confusion within us is now.  
Just as many pray to tell God what they need, want, are thankful for or more, we must listen to God and what is called upon us to do.  This is meditation.
Your true way to communicate involves both listening and speaking, basic elements.  So why not do this with the true source? If someone is always talking, can they ever hear a response?  No. 
Meditation, seems farce or like some yogic practice to many.  However, it is an important discipline that is essential with removing confusion from your life, to gain clarity and to have control from within.  
Your path to enlightenment, as others have taught in the past, lie within this.  Just as Jesus did to prepare and grow for his teachings.  It is through his teachings we learn how to connect, but it is through interpretation that we gain or lose the message.  We can speculate on the past and the possible what if’s, debate and lose more energy contemplating things or we can simply try for ourselves to quiet our own minds and meditate.  Practice and see if this was a part of his teachings.
Each experience is different.  But its the discipline of creating habits that lead you to peace, harmony and love.  By connecting with God, the teachings you have gained in life become more clear. 
Your enlightenment can discern what is truth and what is a facade to be dismissed.  A person can do this better and more accurately, the stronger they get through discipline.  
Discipline is any one thing you must do everyday.   Every day is a habit and should not be feared.  If you feel your schedule is too hectic too then you have lost the idea and more importantly the value.  For your day is hectic because you lost the connect. 
For the value of your enlightenment is the true key to success and self mastery.  
For if you can make better decisions in life 
by making changes from the core,
 would that not be valuable?

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