Everyday is a learning experience

We all know this, but there are times in life where we are to face more obstacles than wanted and we make the choice to accept defeat or rise to the top. Every person has their strengths and weaknesses and determining the breaking point is different for each individual. What I have found is the stronger you are the harder it is for others to accept when you are weak or at a low point. But even the strongest need a shoulder to lean on.

Its at this point you learn your inner strength how much more you can persevere or endure.  When you find yourself at a point where you feel that you can break, just reflect on the inside what your strength can really take and embrace it.  Believe and trust in yourself that you can make it through.

Every day does have a new learning experience this and thinking of the old and building from there can grow you to new heights even when you were unaware. 

So tune out, reflect and be still.  Then release. Release for yourself to move forward, especially if you are a woman, for we are built to take in and for the proper growth, it’s important that we let go.
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