Expectation even when you think you are not expecting…

Have you ever done something for someone without wanting something in return?  Or Put in work for something and did not receive the expected results?

Did you feel slighted?

In reality, this is human nature.

In hindsight, we can see that this is our own form of expectation that is robbing us from appreciating another person  or experience that is here to build us.

The right thing to say is, to not expect.

Look at the situation and learn from this. Always start with yourself and do a self-reflection on your needs and expectancy.  Ask yourself the questions and be honest on what your desired outcomes were and if this was a level of expectancy.

If the answer to this is clear that you did have expectancy, you then can work on yourself on the reasons why.

The next steps would require you to look at the person that you have helped.  The goal is to live in the now and be present to appreciate.  However, with relationships, an evaluation may be needed to find if it is toxic and if it should be continued.  (For more, you can read here.)

Be present and in the now.  Embrace the positives around you to step away from expectation.  The expectation, keeps you from joy and robs happiness from what is in front of you.

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