Faith & Belief

When you are in alignment from within, powerful things happen.  The idea of miracles becomes a reality.  Another level of awareness and joy manifests itself into your life.  Its like that moment in the children’s movie Monsters Inc, where they realize the same energy generated in fear can be replaced with laughter and receive better results.  This thing that we are referring to is faith.

Faith is believing in something that you cannot see, there is no visual proof or is there?

There are so many teachings and experiences that each have had.  Some never told.  But in those small instances, something great happened for just that moment.   See the challenge is, many look for something BIG.  But if you read back in history, any book, there are plenty of times something big happened and they didn’t believe, then what happened? I am sure as you are reading this a moment in time stands true in your mind of a warning or a message.  Thus making us experts in hindsight.  I think the key is to start looking and believing in something small.

For me it was when a hummingbird came right to me in my backyard.  I live on the East Coast in the US, so of course this is not natural to see.   For it not only came to my backyard, but flew within inches of my face and sat still for just those few seconds.  The experience within itself was profound.

In our world today, we more often times than many or even care to admit, forget  that there can be miracles.  We look for something great like when reading stories in the bible and miss the small ones that appear.  Much of this from life experiences, failures, obstacles and negative feedback that becomes a belief in our “reality”.  A humming bird may seem far fetched and feel unbelievable for you to experience, or even insignificant.  But what if I told you of all the other more common synchronization that can be received on a daily basis?  Ones that were a phone call, a message, a song, or through a child.

These are the soft simple ways that we receive our miracles when we are open to receive.  What strikes me is the amazement I get when  I do experience.  I tell you I act like a little child full of enthusiasm and excited and in aw for what is happening.  Worse if I experience it with someone else, we BOTH are like WOW!  lol

But you know what, there is nothing wrong with that, for we are in a mist of happiness and love to witness such powerful works.  In a world where so many are blinded from seeing this and full of despair, we should only continue to be excited and full of joy to share.  Its this energy that will fuel and grow this thing called faith.  Not just through us, but through many.

They say to have faith as big as a mustard seed.  A mustard seed.  But, why a mustard seed? I mean its the smallest one. Its like the acorn.  Tall oaks from tiny acorns grow.

I really had to reflect and feel what this meant.  A process like this is called Internalization.  Allowing me to become.  As I went on this quest and it did take some time for me, months maybe years, but I found the answer.

To see how small the seed is and to then see the greatness in size of what it produces in the end.  To visualize this and really take in the growth from planting something as small as faith inside you, manifests a world beyond what you  may believe exists for you.

It is this belief, that are carried from the inception of thought and coupled with work that creates abundance.  Working on ourselves daily, taking time to balance life and appreciate the goodness that surrounds us is the key to happiness.

It is what people seek and often times lose patience and cannot find.  Whatever you are looking for is unique to you.  Your want can be something as big as a peace of mind and there is nothing wrong with that.  While for others it may be wealth. Once again, nothing wrong with that.  Either one will be your miracle powered from your own thoughts and belief.

So control your thoughts, take time out to do the small things as you work through your day.  By believing you will be more open to receive those little confirmations that will lead to something greater.

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