Fear vs Faith Based Decisions

We are faced with decisions constantly whether it be big or small.  As we filter through them, there are instances where we have to pause to see if it is the right fit at the right time.  While we pause there are certain triggers within the body that lets us know if we should or shouldn’t move forward with that decision. With learning and understanding yourself more, knowing your body signals for the accurate discernment is crucial with making the right decisions for you.

Sometimes it may be a pit in your stomach, a whizz to the head, sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach or just a GOOD feeling about something or just NO, stay away.  Whatever the case may be, we all can relate to these emotional triggers within the body when certain things presents itself to take us out of our comfort zone.   
Our comfort zone, is a place that is safe, that is known to us, predictable.   This is a zone that can almost be run on auto-pilot with little or no self maintenance.  However, life is meant to stretch us, and with that we must come out of this comfort and make moves that will trigger a fear or happiness within.  
Now with fear, there are two things typically that people can fear and that is failure or success.   Now failure is the obvious.   No one wants to go into something with the outcome of falling on your face.  But its not so much that you make the mistake it is how you overcome them .  How you actually view the failure.   You should never view failure as failure itself, but as a learning experience to move to a greater space. Failure is your opportunity to learn something new and evolve through a breakthrough.   In essence, when the triggers for a fear come to you based failure, then accept that you may make a mistake and brace forward.   Its okay.  You will be alright.   
Another fear is fear of success.   Now many people right here will dismiss this straight off the bat.  Pride kicks in and says “Oh no, NOW that I don’t fear, I can’t fear that I KNOW I’m going somewhere and I’m going to get ……”  That statement alone, without a plan, without covering some failures is a fear in itself.   Here is where analysis paralysis kicks in, then the laboring “What If’s” come into play.     When these types of questions start to manifest in your mind, that is your cue to pay attention to your body signals to address that you may be making a fear based decision.  
When you identify with this and your cues, you now can assess what needs to be done to deviate away from fear and move forward in faith.  For the fear based decisions almost always lead to a negative consequence in your life.  You cannot only miss opportunities, but you can create new consequences that inevitably takes you off course.  
To be Faith based, you must first discern the fear and then remove it from you.  You do this through prayer and meditation.  Ask God, what it is that you are fearing and to release it.  If the fear is your own discomfort with moving forward, your consequence is complacency and a downfall for your own life and inner being.   With your faith based decisions, you will feel peace, a sense of completion and knowing.  Yes, at times you may have butterflies or other sensations, but it is up to you to DISCERN what is and move forward with it.  
Feel confident and trust in the timing and what is to be received and be you as God has planned. 
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