Feel the Light

I thought this was so beautiful.  It captivated me.  The simplicity into complexity with a magnitude of creativity.  Absolutely wonderful.

Never understimate the power of creativity and imagination.  Here a simple dress that was absolutely stunning on Jennifer Lopez, was just magnificent.  Creating such beauty, lights and wonder that was in synchronicity with a beautiful song.  Feel the Light. beautiful.

Now me being me as a designer and creator myself,  I thought of the creative team that thought of such a concept.  Imagining Jennifer on the stage to display something like this and then to actually create a dress in a material that can do this so simply and beautifully.  The team that worked diligently hours on complex measures to make something so functional and in the same essence be beautiful, fitting to her body and yet creating a powerful memory for viewers.

All the work brought in for less than 4 minutes of an experience. But yet will resonate with each one in a different light.

Feel the Light…touching our own inner being and light within us.  This light is what we each have within us.  Reminding us the power and healing is truly from within.  Your Home.  Beautiful.  Find your home, know the real you and the magnitude that is from within.

So simple but yet, the messages for this movie in this song is very powerful if you pay attention and open yourself to the messages of the universe and finding your true inner peace, love and light.
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