Finding You

The life within you is an experience all on its own.  And allowing it to manifest and bloom is an undertaking all on its own.  So many are lost and not knowing how love flows and how to tap into a lost soul, that they take their experience and become an unknowing function in today’s world.

A function as a wheel in a societal bliss, competing and being what everyone sees and only floating in an abyss.  An abyss of lies, away from the truth within.  No inner connection, no morals and a constant beating for what is being fought for.  Freedom.

Freedom of the mind.  Freedom of the Heart.  Freedom of the Spirit.  Some feel that this does not exist, as then concede to a fight that has not begun.  Laying heads down to a slaughter that was undeserved.

This is a machined life, ordained by structure, rules and regulations.  One where ones are lost forever.  But if you are here, then you already know.  Like the Matrix things are hidden from our inner being.  Its time to awake.  Awake from a slumber that has trapped all who just exist.

Closing eyes and embracing all that is, is your start to freedom.  Tapping away from social norms, disconnecting from the technology and gadgets is your rights to passage to feel free, connect.

Just be, for a minute.  Just be, to be free. Feel what is within to move freely from within.  This fluidity is what will connect, bring the dots together and unite you to all that is greater, all that is good.  That ah ha moment when things are just right.

That piece of security that says this is it.  The confidence factor that can’t be waived, but strengthened with your focus, the blue imprint that marks your very uniqueness to this world.  The one that implements the plan, the vision and the change in this world that we need.

Its this inner effervescence that screams, I am me, I am complete, I am connected with one.  This is the one that is filled with love before there was hate.  Filled with love, before it knew hurt.  Filled with love before it knew fear.

Find her, embrace her and/or love him.  For this is you.  Crack this code and you will be a greater you.

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