Finite or Infinite Love

A life without love would be one that is ordinary. One without a true meaning and one that would be plagued with doubt. One with walls and limitations, one without a true sense of self.

See the way of this world has taught many that the key to happiness is fulfillment with security.  That security prevents worry, doubt, anguish and loss of sleep.  That once you are secure, you then will receive joy, abundance, happiness.   As a result, many are now in seek of just this to find true happiness, contentment and love.   This security that I speak of is money, numbers that give a value to ones freedom to embrace happiness.

However, numbers is an infinite thing.  If one begins a chase of just this, they will never end with finding true happiness.  The trueness and happiness from within is with a finite search with an infinite potential.

What we each must find is a peace of mind and stillness through God that guides us to our personal inner truth. For each of us are unique with gifts and talents for a specified purpose.  Although many of our purposes will interlock, connect or cross over time, the journey for each of us will be different.

As they are different, they may also feel lonely.  Where indeed we find as Christ has stated that we are not.  It is in these times we must seek further within to really hear what is being given.  It is also these times that are the hardest to do so.

Finding that extra faith and belief in something that you cannot see at a time you are low energetically from obstacles/challenges can be very difficult.  I can’t hold you on that.  But, bending down on your knees and asking in humility for strength, guidance and help is what is needed at that same time.

See the thing is that I am learning right, is that you have to go through these storms.  These crazy mistakes that are seriously not comfortable.  But its these places that things really shift for you.  On the outside world, trust and believe there are naysayers that are sending negative vibes, wishing bad and are speaking bad about you.  This is real.  When you get low, more negative things grow and attack.

But you see, this is when you bow down and receive the clear picture designed for you and where the true magic happens.  This is when your internal strength gets so focused on him, you tune everything out around you and begin the true growth from within.

When you see you for you and love you.  When this begins, the walls begin to disappear, break or tear down in a healing process to let love back in.

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