Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit.  Was taking time to recuperate some more from continued challenges.  It brought me to a concept and ideal of healing the body and realization.  The realization that life is a short and as you go through it, the more  deep breath that we all must take.  As we breathe in, we allow all things to come to us.  This means negativity and positivity.  As we breathe out we also do the same with letting go of positive or negative vibrations.   Inhalation and Exhalation are a apart of how the heart works, pumps blood physically through our bodies to sustain a physical life.  

Spiritually, this is the same.  Correlating energy with the breath of life, we must know that what we put in and release from our bodies is a significant thing.  Just as the waves in the water represents turbulence a change in the force of water, so does the stillness represent peace and harmony in the body of water.  Or bodies, just like water exhibits the same traits when it manifests the energy from within.   Just as the water’s flow indicates a level of energy, so does our bodies.   Question it?  Think about it.  What is our body made of most?   Water.  
So if the healing power is in water and we manifest positive flows of energy within us, what have we in turn done to our bodies?  We have took our own energies and power to heal the tissues within.  Ludicrous?   Think again.  An old saying “You are, what you eat?”   another thought “Your thoughts become things.”    So if we feed our bodies bad energy through our environment and then through our diets, what are we then doing to our own inner harmony?    One word, destruction.  
So say to yourself,  I am peace, I am love and as you do this smile at your inner self, your organs and body and watch how the peaceful transformation begins within you.

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