Food for Thought

As they may look the same, its not till you bite in each one, will you find which core is truly rotten. 

Spiritual connections and understanding that has been brought  into your life can be a hard challenge when one is received.  The connections and synchronicity can be confused for soul ties and that there is a destined approach to the meeting.  What is best is to discern what the message is and what it is that you should receive from this connection.

If you are a spiritual person, it is in your best interest to understand and know who you are as a person.  In addition, that energetically you will draw in like minded souls like yourself.   With doing so, the energies united are cohesive and should be accepted for just that.  With so much teachings watered down and simply not taught at an early age, the emotional growth in this aspect of one’s life is quite youthful.  Meaning that the understanding of how we interact on a true spiritual level is pretty much in a premature phase, almost at a birth.   With this being said, none wiser than the other, it is imperative that you know your gifts and your strengths.  For ones seeking guidance can find you in their life for the wrong reasons and pulling energies away from you and causing you to lose control, focus and balance in your own life. 
You must protect what you are manifesting within.  For as a house is built and needs a strong foundation to survive any storms, so must your spirit be strong to whether the storms and challenges in life.  Should this not be strong then as worry, doubt, confusion occurs, you will sway as a tree and be shifted from your core.    This reflects in your life through business, relationships and personal matters for your decision making does indeed have an emotional tie built in.  For example, most people buy from someone they either like, trust or have a good experience with.  This is an emotional tie to what is in essence leads to a business transaction.  So it is with life and decisions.   Centering your energy and mastering your core, is fundamental to being one with the inner you.  From here, you can either lead lambs to the right path or take head for you in the right direction. The choice is yours.  The solidity in these decisions become one when you become one with you. Your inner child.  
When you know yourself, you will take the time to understand the inside of someone else.  For the outside, although they may look the same its the true inner core that will be the most important.  
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