Get More Energy and Reduce Stress With These Quick Tips

Your energy levels may fluctuate to a point where you may feel stressed, overwhelmed or out of sync.  This is created from levels of imbalance, that can be caused from improper diet, sleep patterns and physical activities that can fatigue the body.

I’m sure you can relate to the days where you have much you want to get done and you wake feeling sluggish or unfocused, dragging to get your morning pep drink and nothing is working.  From there, the day propels from one wrong thing to another.  There is something you can do to control and alleviate your body to create a more impactful day in a positive way.


Here are 10 Tips to Assist & Recharge!

  1. Starting your day right!  Think with the end in mind.  Begin with believing how positive you want your day to be as true and follow through with the next step. 
  2. Meditate. Yes, do a guided meditation for clarity and focus.  Focus the mind and body on stillness as you propel your energy into positive vibrations and outcomes for your day. 
  3. Speak into existence what you want and communicate this with your mind and body on a cellular level. Do this so as you get obstacles through your day, your mind is sharp and can think clearly through to make better decisions. 
  4. Drink Water.  Your body is made up of about 60% water.  It is important you stay hydrated to work your body and mind at optimal capacity. 
  5. Practice Breathing techniques that channel the energy in through the lungs and through the body. Our natural breath should be from the abdomen.  But when stress and anxious thoughts or events take place we can begin breathing very shallow.  This leads to fatigue quickly.
  6. Take breaks through your day.  Plan 15 minutes twice a day outside of your lunch time to reset your body in between projects and events.  
  7. Connect with Nature.    
  8. Do some physical activity!  This can be as simple as walking, jogging, riding a bike or playing a sport.  Whatever you most enjoy.  
  9. Shut things off at night, especially your cell phone!
  10. Meditate at night to release the energies acquired through the day to get a more restful sleep. 
Try these practical tips to get you through your day.  With so much wireless technology, its even harder for one to stay connected within oneself.  So take these tips to move your energy in a flow and synchronicity. 

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