Go To Sleep Without Worrying and Get The Rest You Need


I see you have a magical pillow that has a reminder of all the things you did not complete as your head touches it.  This my friend, makes you wonder why didn’t you just walk with the pillow for today instead of waiting till night. 

As soon as this happens, you might find yourself tossing or unable to fall asleep for the concerns of tomorrow and all the things that can’t be changed now, plagues your mind.

This unfortunately has become the condition of many many souls just like yourself.  So you are not alone.  To overcome this and start getting the rest you need, there are some keys steps that you must do to start having the days you actually want. 

3 Simple steps that you can do from now:
  1.  Leave a note pad by your bedside.  Its practical, but what it gets you to do is to write down the things that you need to get done for the next day.   When you get it out of your head and put on paper or your reminder for the next day, you can let go of it from now and deal with tomorrow.
  2.  Accept some of the things that you can’t change.   Let’s face it.  some things just is, what it is.   There is nothing you can do about it, but change your perspective.  Looking at things the way you have been will only give you the same result or 10 more negative ones.  You creative, genius you!  Let’s find new ways to work that genius, by looking at things differently and accepting what you see.  First off know you are never stuck.   When you accept what is, you allow.  It switches the mind from trying to flow into the dam and releases to stillness to allow for a new flow.  
  3. Start giving yourself a night time routine   Reviewing work, bills or thinking over problems will only overwork your mind.  Think of your computer if you have it running all day, hours on hours, what happens?  The fan starts running, it moves slower, it runs hot.  This is what you are doing to yourself by thinking and running the thoughts.  You are essentially pushing your body to its max and expecting more.   Give yourself a cutoff time to think on things, vent or review the things you can’t do in the next few hours..aka bed time.  Make it 2 hours before you want to hit the pillow. 

Try these 3 steps to make your life simpler.  You are your biggest asset.  If you are not running up to your full potential, you cannot serve anyone.  In a world of go – go – go, we often forget one important person.  Ourselves.  We then run to other things to fix our mindset, make us feel better, fill a void.  It creates more dissonance and we find ourselves frustrated, anxious and away from our inner spirit that is here to guide us.   

When you do these things, you honor your temple.  Take this free time to be still.  Connect.  Be one with your mind, body and spirit to draw you into the closeness of source to truly feel peace.  When you apply these 3 things into your night activities, you will find a spirit connect that gives peace and allows you to fall asleep more easily.  

If you want to know more, join me in the upcoming mastery.  Its called Genesis and is designed to bridge the gap betweeen source connection and applying the mastered energy into your daily life.  This gives clarity and a self discipline to get you the peace of mind and life you want to live.  


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