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Connecting to the Universe for Spiritual Change & Transformation

Spiritual Change and Transformation can be a roller coaster affair. Right now, the ever changing world has humanity evolving to a degree of consciousness that has been in the dark for centuries.  As more and more are connecting with the spirit, overcoming the fear and mastering unity, more peace is prevalent.

The sensitivity to negativity is much stronger.  More action is being taken to bring awareness and speaks of getting to the true inner problem of the lost soul.  However, with this movement, there is a big push against it.  A fight. This is why the spiritual change is so disruptive.  An unraveling of life.

As a result, the dismissal of ones that do not believe in a “spiritual thing” will continue through a life path of no spiritual change and always wondering why the same things happen. Only to enforce their same belief.   But they will learn.  The real challenge here with the transformation is the fear.  This fear is what stops most from learning what is true on the inner.  Being one with oneself.  For the ones that have transcended and gone past their fears have experienced a real transformation or spiritual change.

One of the biggest barriers in this shift or transformation is the Ego.  It is important that the ego does not control hold judgement. This allows negative vibrations and results in ones life.  It is here one experiences racing thoughts, anxiety, levels of depression, anger, hurt and feelings of untruth.

In essence, we are allowing a judgement that puts walls up within yourself and spirit.  Barriers that will bring you back to a place of closed mindedness if one is not careful.  So for a different result in life, one must pay attention to what goes on from within to actually make a Spiritual Change.

These are your habitual thoughts.  Your very own patterns.  This is a difficult change for one to go through by their self. But is needed.  Here are some things that I found as useful as I too went through the change:


1.  Find a time for Meditation, for me a few minutes in the morning daily.
2.  Slowing down. (Take breaks through your day, as you change gears)
3.  Reflect.
4.  Find tools to help you with guided methods on your thought patterns.  (One that I read to get me started was Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind)
5.  Take Action
6.  Be Easy on Yourself
7.  Journal
8. Thank yourself and watch for progress
9.  Don’t Blame Others
10.  Be Thankful for the Obstacles, its cultivating growth

Notice the changes are simple.  The development will be within you and in your mind.  The battle of the mind is great with paying attention to thought patterns, the triggers and understanding behaviors of others.  It will allow you to focus on you and what you DO have the power to change.

Other great reads, if this does not reach you are:

1. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business
2. The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks.  This one is pretty new and looks packed with cool nuggets.  Even better they each have an option for Audible for those on the go.

The process of transformation is not an easy one for all.  But if gone through you will be rewarded for the spiritual change.

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