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Going Within

Looking for a real transformation to connect, receive messages, understand your dreams and tune in?

Hey, let me ask you this?

What’s the happiest time in your life you can remember?

How long ago was that?

When was the last time you’ve been hurt emotionally?

Have you moved on since?

Think about what your future may hold. Does this scare you? Why?



This is a clue of how well you are doing.

One thing I’m known for, is getting to the root of the matter.

  I didn’t just experience things, but I have studied religions, top leaders, as well as the mind and spiritual culture  in order to understand why so many have not had success with tapping into their spiritual gifts.

I’ve been excelled at letting go and allowing things to flow into my life and this has allowed me to access spiritual gifts that are transformative. 

This deepened sense of self  received deep intuitive messages  that aligns with many leaders today.

But, they were all missing something.....

and it’s a thing, you think they would have gotten.

The big thing was that most new agers came with the answer to go within. meditate.  

But they are all saying the same thing, leaving the big key ingredient out.

In fact, many spiritual leaders are telling you to meditate, not digging further, only leading you into deeper depression.

The second biggest problem is that 90% of the healers and therapists are just touching a tip of the iceberg as far as healing.  Sessions are going on for months, years before 1 solitary breakthrough. 

If you just sighed a breath of relief, you have probably been there done that too.  

And now you probably gave up and have no idea who to trust, because its all been the same thing; all still NOT getting what you want.   

If you’re not careful, you’ll begin to think you’re the crazy one.

So you are here because you want to live a better life and actually have a peace of mind.

You and your Spirit have a relationship.

That relationship has been here from inception.  

And now its tainted.

All the counseling, vision boards, writing things down, meditation alone, prayer will NOT break this barrier.

They only provide a temporary relief, for the ongoing issues.

That’s where I can help you.

I understand energy.
It understands me.


I found that this is the piece that keeps many moving in the same pattern, paying thousands and thousands of dollars to help them out of the entanglement.

a spiritual journey within

The Growth Academy

I created this 6 Week Course Just for YOU.

I will uncover why we are where we are today
I will discuss the mechanics of science, belief & religion
I will help you interpret symbols and messages
I will tell you why the choices have been so hard.
I will tell you how to make the shift.
I will show you how emotions manifest in your life.
I will show you the energy behind set teachings.
I will teach you how to have better relationships.
I will teach how to nurture through healing
I will teach how to release from self sabotage
I will help you build confidence
Most importantly, I will teach you how to trust your intuition.

My Intention for You

I’m not down for constant heartache.

I’m really not for – anything that hurts.
Peace of mind is such a beautiful gift, and I am here to teach you how to live life in the abundance of this.
And its time you live your life on your standards, feeling whole and complete.
Join me live for the next 6 Weeks, as I record these modules for the first time.
Have your mind blown, ask your questions and get ready for a spiritual ride as we uncover the deepest patterns in a proven course that works.

I am only opening to 20 spots.
We begin the course on August 20th.


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John Doe
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John Doe

Guarantees + Refunds + FAQ's

I cannot guarantee that you’ll do the work. However, this is my life’s work and I believe in it deeply; and I know whoever does the work and commits to it will see outstanding results. But because this is a two-way street, I don’t offer refunds once you enroll. I trust that by enrolling you have made an empowered decision and are committing to show up fully.

I am here to support you in making your decision to enroll. If you have any questions before enrolling just shoot me an email at and I’ll get back to you.

You get all content of the course for life. You also have access to the Facebook group for life. You will join me live every week as I record the modules and answer your questions.

While waiting for module one to open, you will have pre-work and bonuses available right away to work through.
(These are amazing).

This course is designed and created for any spiritual entrepreneur looking to manifest massive money, and truly master the art of manifestation in their business.

You get lifetime updates for this course. (As I evolve so does this course. Amazeeeee.)

You are free to come back to this course any time. It is yours for life.

If you enrolled in the VIP option, you will receive 2 private calls with me spread out every two weeks. You will also receive unlimited coaching on Voxer, a voice coaching app during the entire course.

Legal Disclaimer: I do not guarantee results in any form, verbally or in writing. Testimonials on this page may not reflect or guarantee actual results.

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