Green Eyed Envy

With the use of the third eye, one can see how many green eyes really exist. ~ Keshia Martin

A profound statement that came to me recently.   As I really thought about it, it just made sense.  For with intuition one can understand the matter from the persons heart or spirit.  From the inner core of their being we now see if their actions are genuine and beneficial to your life.

We have heard the statement “green with envy” and have encountered people in our lives that have had this towards you.  By seeing a person for what they really are, we can look at the situation clearly, pause, make a decision and move on.

To know, is far better than to be in the dark.  However, the reality is that this often upsets us, emotions are involved and things can get messy.  Jealousy exists and is a negative vibration that should not be entertained.  Do not allow yourself to focus or give thought or energy to the person that is against you at the time.


As you notice, breathe and switch thought process to something more positive and fulfilling for your life.  Do not entertain the thought process that may go on when you feel the negativity from this.  Breathe and move on.  Understand and accept what you have just received and make the right decisions that are best for YOU.

Continue on your path and continue to feed the right people and positive energy in your life.  Forgive them.  Yes, for the forgiveness is for you.  Do not hold onto this.  Let Go. Allow the right positive energy and God to take care of this situation.   Confronting one of being jealous, never ads out to anything positive.  But allowing and moving forward, things get fixed.

Many of times, when this clears, that person has a way of coming forward and telling you about that time.  A discussion is held in some sort later for you to validate what was coming to you.  So  trust in the process and allow yourself to be embraced in the positive energy and focused on the things that truly matter.

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