Happiness with You

This is so true.  For often with this search of “finding oneself”  learning who you truly are becomes something that can be a painstaking truth.  For it is here you find the Good, Bad, Ugly, Very Ugly and Beautiful.

Going through these truths and accepting it is a trial in itself.  For often times, we don’t want to admit that these flaws exist within us.  Mind you, we all know that we are not perfect.  But at the same time facing a trait within us that is not so pretty is the hinderance to our very growth.

You must accept it.  Accept that you are who you are and this is what you have learned and become through your life’s experiences.  It is then and only then can you actually make a change, should you then want to.  If something about you does not make you happy, then that is what you should change.

Often times more than many, we have things in our life because we inside have these same traits and attributes and are receiving what we reflect.  Understand this and you have answered much of the questions and find that the answers are truly in you.

Be your own best company, find happiness within yourself and be happy with that.

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