When you do things in harmony with your inner being, there is no question if you are in alignment with the spirit.  You are happy.  Happiness is an emotion from within that resonates through your body and comes from a state of mind.  Many times, people attach negative or positive words to a situation, place or thing.  With this, it then generates an emotion.   With this simple attachment to something we in essence create or destroy our own happiness.

I love Pharell’s new song Happy, the words are so powerful and the dance of twenty-four hours has such a hidden meaning.  No matter who is watching, what you are wearing, what you look like or how or if you make a fool of yourself, you are still HAPPY.

This is important for right now as you read with me, someone out there, if not yourself, has things in your life that can immediately cause you stress, worry or turmoil. It is taking away your joy and you are in response to whatever occurs to you.  To change this, you must stop, take time away and breathe.

Breathe, to put things into perspective. Breathe to balance your inner you and Breathe to connect with the now.  In this stillness, take in what is here, with no attachment and free yourself from the external tangles.  Be Happy.

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