fun with fitness -taking it back

Getting out and doing it not only applies to your mind and spirit, but also for your body.  The body, needs just as much stimulation outside of just working out.   The thing is, we all get in a routine that you have to go to the gym.  This alone can deter people, for the time to dress, commute and all the other excuses that can build for keeping the momentum.   What we often forget is that we can have fun with it, “like back in my time”…(lol…as my daughter would tease me)
Outdoor activities are great ways to not only get your cardiovascular in, but also therapeutic for the mind, body and spirit.   A fun game of tennis with a friend, racquetball, basketball, hiking, wallball, soccer or even tag…lol are all great fun ways to exercise while stimulating mind and spirit.     Something about being apart of the elements of the earth that heals the body.   I have found that just being and absorbing light is also great therapy.  To blend this energy with movement you can incorporate yoga or tai chi.  You will find an awesome remedy for your stress.    
Make time to get outdoors more and embrace what has been given to us in a safe and prosperous way, try it today!

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