turn your life back to what you want

Healing Sessions

Its beyond the habit changes, its a mindset and energetic shift you need to get the real change you want.

Transform from the Inside

Distant & In Person Healing Sessions

Transformative sessions that are intuitive and clear your emotional wounds to free you from the mental chatter and self limited beliefs.  Using Ancient Light Healing, we balance your energy centers within the body and clear any blocks that were created.

Body Scans 
In our session, I scan your body to see where the stress is being stored.  Also for any pains, ailments or problems in the body.   I tell you where its starting from and how it got there. 
Intuitive Reading

Pin pointing where you are experiencing pain, I target the source, the start of the emotional upset  that is creating this blockage in your field and how it’s playing out in your life today.  

Only $247

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