On The Go Healing Sessions

to reconnect You & feel balanced

Let’s remove the stress, feel relaxed and let go of what weighs you down

The Transformation Begins Here

Healing Sessions with Keshia Martin

Distant & In Person Sessions Available

As a conduit I will activate self healing to a whole new potential.  Remove the stress, get clarity, feel relaxed and allow you to feel better. 

Get Balanced

Manage your energy centers, clear you from the day to day hustle and get a quick recharge.

Spiritual Guidance

Know your divine purpose and reach your guides, ancestors, loved ones, and angelic protectors.

Healing Session

Clear out these blocks so you can align your mission, vision, and purpose to the goal you’re trying to achieve.

When its time to get a reset

Feel better in just one hour.  Whether you feel stuck,  want to feel happy or ready for something new these one time session get you back on track.  You will reconnect with your inner being, releasing you from stress, the anxiety, worry in your life.  Free yourself from self sabotoge, procrastination and doubts to move more in your purpose.

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Get the breakthrough you are looking for. The sessions average an hour to two and can be done in the convenience of your home. If local, we can meet as well.

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Hi, i’m keshia, your

Inner Work

I Help Conscious, Free-Thinking People And Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals And Build Better, Stronger Relationships With Those Around Them.

People-loving Empath
Result-obsessed Coach
Sees energy & where things are on the body
Clear Knowing, Hearing, Seeing, Feeling
Teaching Discernment


from A Distant Healing Session

Just saying if you have any doubt on the power of energy healing and what it can do for you? – you need to open your spirit and allow the process -IF you feel there is a forever spinning wheel that just will not stop or you are in a funk not having clarity or direction – You need to get on board with Keisha – The powerful session will deliver amazing results – in just one session with Keisha and NOT having any knowledge of her I am forever empowered and released with a clearer direction than I have had in the last 24 months – reach out if you need more confirmation on her abilities to help you – I give her a top rating! –

Jodeen Bergstrom

Frequently Asked Questions

Never heard of Energy Healing, want to know more and what it is?

What is Energy Healing?

It is connecting to the force we cannot see to clear what emotional trauma, mental clutter, physical pain that you have carried.  This is a holistic care practice that teaches you to tap in and do the work from the inside out.

Is this voo-doo, witch craft?

No.  I work with only divine guidance and love and teach you how to discern as well. If you fear this is what it is, its probably best we don’t work together and that’s okay. I only work with one, when they are ready. 

How does it work?

Everything is energy and it is merely transferred.  Can never be destroyed.  So as they say stress kills, it has festered into parts of your body, creating a block.  I see this, confirm with you and we begin to clear with various methods.

Will I feel anything or know it works?

Yes. I ensure we have a connection before we begin.  Sensitivity to energy varies with the person from just falling asleep and feeling really relaxed to changes in temperature, visuals or shifts in the body. It really depends. 

How Can you work on me if I live far away from you?

Hard thing, to grasp but there is no such thing as time or space.  I connect with you and ask questions to ensure we are in that divine space before we start.

How long will it last?

My work is ongoing and works with our inner being to continually raise your vibrations.  As you shift and grow you can come back to elevate some more.  For continual work, check out our ongoing programs.






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