Healing from Within

The healing process is similar to taking on a cluttered room to make brand new again.  Although, brand new may not be the same, the journey for each are equivalent. 

A good friend once told me the outside is a reflection of the inside. Thinking that through, I realized that my environment was in correlation to my thought processes.  It became more transparent, with various periods in life, and then across the board with people on a whole.  In essence, this theory represents how are thoughts truly are things. That Energy from our thoughts, whether managed or not had a direct impact in our lives. This includes relationships, career, life, children, finances, etc. 

Thus bringing me back to self healing.  So as you heal, you will pull out some baggage that was forgotten, dust off some things that were hidden and take a long look at the things that were being utilized in your life.  Sort of like pulling out things from a closet.   When emptied, you look around at the nonsense to make decisions on what to keep and what to let go of. 

Ohhhh, how this part becomes tedious.  the challenge is what people decide to hold on to.  The emotional cells in our brain that far outnumber the logical cells traps things in to hold on to the bad and somehow let go of the good, mainly from fear.  Why fear?  Cause most of that caused pain and letting go of that means leaving a space open to try again and possibly fail and hurt again.

However, you must go through it.  This is a part of healing. You must go through, I say through, for this is the real way to be healed. This can be from a physical, emotional, spiritual level of pain from what ever aspect of you’re life.  When you avoid, suppress or just get “busy” with things you build the wall that creates that “junk in the trunk/closet”.  Thus leaving you much heavier and energetically weighed down.

Think conceptually with your heart and life’s lessons will be learned.  Changing gear from using your mind to your heart.  As you clean, if you refill, always think is there room for what I really want in life or from this situation?  Each time as you revisit that closet to clean some more, you will see how empty you can make it to receive your greater. Your greatest you and life rewards.  
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