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Fun light dishes are great healthy ways to stay fit. So,  start your day or week with proper planning for small frequent meals to get you through the day.   Be fun and creative with it. 
Think of how you will start your day.  you could be I shake made with fresh fruits and vegetables with a little bit of oil or and water. For example, they have strawberries bananas spinach flaxseed oil and water. Blended together its a flavorful start for your day.

In between you can have healthy snacks that can comprise of nuts, fruits, parfaits or light sandwiches.  What and how you prepare  is up to you, remember have fun with it!

With this lifestyle, finding quick, healthy delicious meals can be the biggest obstacle to eating right.  To take the brain work and guessing out of your meals, its wise to have a good resource to meals that are not only healthy for you but beneficial and easy to make.  Cookbooks may seem like a thing of the past, but the one of the easiest ways to successfully integrate some of these healthy examples is to have a step by step directions with putting it together.

I have found the PaleoLeap to be a quick way to have access to thousands of recipes, insight on foods, their benefits and guides on eating healthy.  This I find makes it easier than spending hours searching through the web on how to eat healthy and leaves you time to do the things you love to do the most.  

By taking the guesswork out, you can shop smarter and eat healthier.  I totally love the idea of having things right at my fingertip and not saving time.  So a cookbook, resource and education on how to live, eat and be healthier is a true way of taking care of you from the inside out.

The key thing though, is to obey the body.  It knows what it needs to maintain a healthy balance.  It’s up to us to resist temptations to consume items that we know are not good for us.  This discipline will not only improve your physical appearance,  but your state of mind,  energy levels and of course your lifestyle. 

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