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The Warrior In You Wants To Emerge

No one but you is responsible for your happiness. The thing that is keeping you, is the fear of failure. The worry of how someone will think of you and how you make that decision. Its time to take your power back and to leave the doubts, the fear of making mistakes that limit you […]

Posted in: Spiritual Development,
Simple Steps for Changing Your Diet

If you are on a spiritual path or just want a change in your life, then what you eat is key for awakening and to receive happiness.  Now, I’m not a nutritionist, but what I can do is give you tips on what I did to ultimately change my diet.Reasons to Change? The reasons can […]

Posted in: Life & Health,
Tags: Awakening, balance, diet, Health & Longevity, nutrition, Self,
Energy Shifts! Mercury Retrogrades, What Gives?

It’s all about the energy and connecting with the vibe. This month, expect massive amounts of changes as we shift into another retrogade with Mercury. What is a Retrograde or Energy Shift? A retrograde with a planet, in simplest terms means that it is spinning in the opposite direction of what it normally does. This […]

Posted in: Ascension, Metaphysics,
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