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To Happiness & A Healthy Life

Energy Healing & Intuitive Reading

to clear and restore your mind body an spirit.

Join Me In Powerful Meditations

Great for Clarity, Reduce Stress, Tension and Deep Theta for Relaxation.

inner healings for real transformative results

Activating your gifts to enjoy a better quality life.

Get resolution with spiritual guidance.  Break free from internalizing bad experiences with confirmation to validate what you have known without the proof or evidence.  With me, you get clarity on your love life, important decisions, business plans, past loved ones and best ways to go. 

Ignite self healing to release you from past trauma, receive emotional healing, eliminate confusion, anxious from breakup, major life change or health ailments that create a bad cycle.

Appointments are done over the phone. Book online. International callers will receive WhatsApp or Zoom number for call.  


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Meet Keshia
Vibrational Healing Guide

Passionate about seeing peace in this world.  She dedicates her time to finding root cause of our troubles to transform lives.  Bringing awareness in the methods of Vibration and Frequency.  Keshia teaches you how to break the barriers within to be one with love. Keshia is a published Author,  Energy Healer, Coach and Mother.   She seen the POWER with healing and unlocking your gifts and is here help you unlock them to be THAT energetic match.

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Its all about Healing for happiness and a healthy life.

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