How easy is it for you to forgive those who have caused you pain?

Adding Hurt to someones life, what does it do?

How does it affect the relationship?  and Can there be a recovery?

Hurt is a painful process. Full of tears, anger and pain.  When you inflict this on someone, it can either break or make the relationship.  At times the person.  A spiritually strong person will take this pain and work through it.  Learn from it.  If smart, will work on making the right changes to not inflict this harm to someone again.

When caught in the mist of this, it is easy to deflect the feelings and emotions on someone else.  Lose sight of internal wrongs and motion.  Worse, the people around you, do they have your best interest? Is success or fail their goal for your challenges?  Hurt and negative energy has a way of having one operate in lower energetic levels that tend to attract just that into your life.  So when hurting, the best thing truly is to look within pray, meditate and go through whatever it is you are feeling alone.

See as the ole addages  say,  “misery loves company”,  “you are what you attract”, “birds of a feather, flock together”, “energy is never lost but merely transferred”.  All quotes that you should maintain memory on when feeling low and reminders that raises in vibrations and energy level is needed.  As in the bible  states to use scripture as your armor, speak in prayer and laying down your burdens.  Just as the birds need not worry about shelter or food and they are cared for, so must we trust.  And just as in meditation we seek answers, listening from within the answers and directions needed to guide us through.

This is our answer and communication we need to work through hurt.  That pain in your chest, welt in your heart, crack in your voice and pit in your stomach.  Whatever the physical signal, they are all saying the same as something is wrongfully done to us.  Our energy sources from within identify which part is not balancing and gives us the power and choice to make the right decision.


Easier said than done.  For many, the pain is too great to move on or move forward.  And no matter how many scriptures they read or church ceremonies they attend the unforgiveness is locked heavily from within.  A complacent, unbalanced energy magnifies and transfers through all that come in contact with this source.  And so the pain grows and affects more for the decision on holding on has become easier to cope with than letting go to possibly be hurt again.  Makes sense right?

Reading it, probably not. But in reality, this is the truth.  This is what hurt does to someone.  It creates a disconnect and allows the person to have a decision of keeping or letting it go.  Often times more than none people keep it and a more devastating reality is that they don’t know they are holding on.  It keeps them disconnected from God and other relationships on a permanent basis when things are not dealt with thoroughly.

It can be fixed, with not just prayer but proper meditation releasing this energy from within.  Practical things to do outside of this release is to come to terms with what was given and let go and release.  Maybe write a letter then burn it..release and let go.  Meditations to do will be on the kind of healing needed.  For matters of the heart, the heart chakra.  For ones of financial or stability, the root.  Self worth your Naval Chakra and speaking up would be your Throat Chakra.

Each would be on a focus on that area, laying down or sitting straight on a chair with feet to the floor and taking deep breaths.  Allowing the mind to be free from thoughts and focused on the breath.  At a rest state, focus on that specific area one at at time and meditate on what you feel then release.  If it hurts, its okay, go through the feelings to release the hurt.  It does not belong with you.  Not anymore.  Forgive yourself and forgive the one that caused you harm.

Later when it doesn’t hurt anymore, look within to see why it did and find ways to release that to. For the answers truly are from within.

Music or Sound designed for meditation is great with settling the mind and clearing thought.  An essential for this task and releasing old energy.  This method has proven and worked for me and in just 12 minutes.  Try it and get the healing you need.  

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