How Having A Positive Outlook Makes A Difference

The outside is a reflection of the inside.

A positive outlook is everything!  It is the thought that drives the action.  Our energies and frequency emit vibrations that are carried through and impact all that is around us.  Once you let go of having this positive light energy with your thought, you allow for negative vibrations to expel and create a ripple effect.

“It is the thought that drives the action.” – Keshia Martin

See, everything has a frequency.  This includes your thought patterns that contain energy and instructions to carry out.  This is what dictates your words and then actions.  Through the connections on a cellular level, our body carries out instructions that are manifested on this wavelength.  

Be conscious in your thoughts by eating the right foods and consuming the right fluids.  It has a direct impact on how the cells respond to the instructions given and ultimately how your thought patterns flow.


As a result of a positive outlook, you can have a healthier, productive day that is conducive to your goals and lifestyle.  The key is not to work to keep up with the Jones, this creates stress and a division from your spirit.  But to KNOW who you are and what your desired goals truly are.  By being aware you bring yourself into a conscious mindset that is in alignment with your spirit and thus of a higher vibration.

This higher vibration is in alignment with the love frequency and also one of joy, hope, compassion and many others that will keep your outlook positive. This makes a difference with receiving a true balance that is best designed for you.

When you are in alignment and centered with who you truly are and what your inner-self wants, you are connected with God in a complete way.  This is where true happiness begins.

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