How To Cope With The Disconnect in Relationships

How To Cope With The Disconnect in Relationships

How To Cope With The Disconnect in Relationships

As you go through your journey, a shift and feelings of disconnect will occur.  There are times that you may feel alone or that you are just different from everyone around you.  This my friend, is completely normal.

So many times, I have felt out of sorts, like a fish out of water and unrelatable to the people around me and in my circle.   At times, you may wonder if something is wrong with you or what is wrong with everyone else.

The thing is, nothing is really wrong, but you are essentially shifting from one energy level to another.  So as you grow, you outgrow your environment and things that have served you in your life.  This is perfectly normal.  Think of it as outgrowing your clothes when you were younger.

Just know that you are growing differently and a different pace.  So it is time for you to transition over or to another level that will best work with your unique path.  To adjust, the best advice I can give is to slow down and enjoy the ride.  Try not to attach thoughts to things, hold judgement or put yourself at a higher level.  For this action results in a surrender to the Ego.

This my friend, is just as bad as whatever sin you may be judging or looking at your friend for.  Its okay that things are different and not as comfortable as before.  It signals growth and movement for you, which is a good thing.  So smile!

As you slow down, pay attention to the little messages and just flow, move with what is being guided. For each, as we know, people are in our lives for a season, reason and different time frames.  Just as you found me here, you will find others with like minds that you can grow and connect with.  As you grow more, the changes and evolution will continue.

Sounds crazy, but just be connected from within and the rest will truly guide you.   The soul family I am connected with now, is greater than I can imagine…and I KNOW there is better and greater to come.  So be content and excited with the changes as you get uncomfortable and comfortable again.

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