How To Find A Mentor

How To Find A Mentor

Finding a mentor in life is much needed to grow and develop in any aspect of your life.  To find a mentor, you must be on a path of development and ready to be a student as well.  To do this effectively, one must have a clear concise picture of what they want and where they want to be.

It is here that you can cultivate the energy needed to find who you are looking for.  Ideally, the person would be someone you can interact with face-to-face but mentors are every where.  Especially with the Internet, Video Calls, Skype, Phone and more.  It is much easier now than ever to connect with someone half way across the globe and learn what is needed to overcome a challenge.  
Here are some places that I have found great ways for me to grow and gain the clarity needed at a particular time in my life:  
1.  Reading.  Books are such a great way to access potential information in a clear formatted method.  It gives insight and the flexibility to move forward or backwards to the details that are needed at that moment. 
2.  Social Media.   More and more outlets are being created from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and now Periscope.  Here, we have access to tap into daily thoughts, feeds and information from leaders that are not only living and creating their dreams, but are also giving back.  
3.  Networking.  Go out to events and introduce yourself to different individuals.  By sharing your goal or need, you may be able to find someone that is willing to work with you on a one-on-one basis.  
These are just some ways to tap into sources beyond you to receive a better understanding on the roads ahead.  Mentors are great, I have been blessed to have a number come through my life at different stages for a variety of aspects in my life.  I personally have one that I have picked and he is a blessing to me more than he knows and I found him on social media.  The one I picked and is boss right now is Dan Martell.  I found him on Periscope and every day, I chime into his posts/videos and grow with the information he is willing to share.  Talk about stretching my mind.  
So if you are finding yourself stuck, or alone in a pattern for business development, self help, fitness or life changes then know you are not alone but in a position of change.  It is here you should seek the help needed to guide you through your path.  

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