How To Let Go

This came to me as I was dealing with old energies and letting things go. So often a times, these very energies are the ones that hold us back from our better futures, the dreams and possibilities that we have for ourselves.

However, the mind has a way of getting in the way and preventing us from achieving the smallest things.  The self-talks.  The self-talks that tell us we can’t.  The ones that analyze the situation to no ends on why this will not work out and creates almost a maze to escort you out to the safe zone.

But is the safe zone where you want to be?  Ask yourself?

Motivate yourself past this safe zone and start to push yourself to the limits by removing the blocks in your life created by you.  Things that are not there, but yet we strongly believe they exist and can sabotage us because a past experience tells us so.

Even the bad experiences that have cultivated in our minds that we have not lived are ones that were planted there from others experience or the “TELE” that is robbing your Vision.  See the secret to self motivation is just this – get out of your head!  get out of my head!  lol….

Sounds quite simple but the hardened habit of doing so is only intensified with age.  So unlearning and creating a habit not only requires a discipline but an exercise of letting go.  That’s right.

Here is the exercise:
1.  Make a decision to go inside you and your deep inner thoughts in subconscious too to find what is blocking you.
2.  Ask what is blocking you in a specific area of your life.  

ie.  relationships and not connecting, weigh loss, succeeding in career, removing stagnancy, lack of peace, etc.   Just do one at a time, we don’t want a nervous breakdown…lol.. 


3.  Look at this block and deal with it. Accept that it is here.
4.  Let it go.

An example for me would be anxiety.  For the longest after a traumatic experience, with an accident and fear of loss with my children I had anxiety and very bad.  However, the strength I have within me would not accept that I had this no matter how many doctors told me this.  In essence it crippled me and created other issues that then moved into the physical.  Then I had ailments.  See the body will take on physically what the mind can’t accept.  This is how stress affects the body.  It was something small where my brother noticed about me and from there it hit me how anxiety was in my life.  See  as we were walking through stores,he said “keesh, you notice you don’t fuss about your  back until you are about to spend to money?  See, I’m a do that next time I’m on a date….”Oh, my neck, my back!…lol”.  Anyway that jokester, made a very valid point…stressful matters created extra pain. From there, I’ve made the actions to let go, move forward and release negative thought patterns.  The results show a better quality of life.

Ways to actually letting it go are here, but truly it goes into your belief when you do it.  Do it with conviction.  Whether you pray, meditate, write, yell, scream or cry.  There is no wrong way or right way, just your way to deal with your inner hurts with yourself. Not with the other person.

The thing is, we cannot change someone else or control them.  The only control we have is in our own head.  So when take advantage of that power from within, magical things begin to happen.  The life that seemingly seems non-existent now begins to happen within our lives.  Within your life.  For you are special.  You are fabulous and YOU are Great.  Believe it.

As you let go a sense of peace will enter you.  The feeling comes from the inside, like a ray of light from the middle of your chest.  For others, it may be a weight lifted from your chest, shoulders.   From here, just embrace it.  Just feel the now…feel your peace.  Enjoy it.  You deserve it.  Know what this feels like and want it back.  Believe you can have this feeling daily, all day.

To stay here, affirmations to feed through your heart and into your mind is a beautiful method to replace the bad with something good.  It feeds positive beliefs back into your body, your mind and your system.  It strengthens the beliefs that you are more.  That as you say this with me, I am strength, I am courage, I am powerful and I can achieve for I am love. 
Believe it, for you are.   A system that I have found to be quite beneficial with affirmations and helping people through this process in over 90 different countries is Mindzoom.  It gives you the key to increase your Mental Power, Abilities and Health.  
From here you can discover the revolutionary Software That will reprogram your MIND And BODY. By placing thousands of positive affirmations into your mind to strengthen your positive belief desires.  Since during any day things can knock us off of our course.  But with a proven system and course to guide you, you will be on your way to a better life and future.

Its easy cause you just plug and play right into your computer.

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