How To Identify and Utilize Your Dreams

Dreams have a Symbolic way of communicating to you. They can give you insight on the things that go on in your everyday life.  They show up in a way of varying forms and it is up to you to decipher what it type of dream you may be having.

Types of Dreams: 
1.  Prophetic
2.  Symbolic
3.  Your Stress Dreams
4.  You Ate Something Weird
5.  Dejavu
6.  Lucid

These are just some of the Types of Dreams that exist.  I classify them this way for each give a different feeling.   For instance, you know when the dreams are from something you ate or if you have a lot on your mind.   They usually have no “feelings” and usually come in random episodes.  When awoke, it is easy to go back to what you ate right before.

The good thing with dreams that show things going on in your awaken life (#3 the “stress dream”), you can see how your subconscious mind is working out the obstacles.  If you identify, you can begin to go into Lucid Dreaming (#6) to control the outcome.  As a positive tool, you can control your inner thoughts and begin a greater manifestation on an inward level.

The Prophetic Dream show something about the future.  They have a different sense.  A different feeling.  Mine are light, a sense of peace and clarity.  Identify how you feel when you are in the dream and how you feel when you wake up.  This is true whether the dream gave good or bad information.  Write them down. Don’t be on an urgency to tell the world, just know for yourself, what God is trying to tell you.  Listen and discern, then take action if needed.


Symbolic Dreams are the dreams where something in specific stands out.  The dream can be anyone of the other types but for some reason this one thing just sticks out.  What can also happens, it stands out throughout your day.  You may see it, hear the word or it comes up in conversation or thought. Write it down.  Meditate on this to find the meaning.  See how this applies in your life.  There are books and reference materials that have insight to what many mean.  The key is knowing how you felt and how this applies to you.

The Lucid Dream is one where you can make changes and control how the dream is moving or heading.  With great discipline one can answer many questions and manifest different outcome in their daily lives.  It is a time where you are open to hearing and seeing what is possible without a distraction of the real world.  Unbiased and allowing you to make changes to your own judgement.

Dreams on a whole is a message gateway to us from our subconscious minds.  Many of times, we pray or ask the universe for something and feel that we are not getting an answer.  Lives are busy and minds are preoccupied with things that they miss the signals throughout the day.  When our bodies are at rest, we are open to receive.

The challenge is that many dismiss, doubt or ignore the messages.  This is when you should pay attention. If you don’t remember your dream or feel you don’t, then before you go to bed ask to remember your dream.  With time you will begin, whether glimpses or more.  Also, take time to get up in the morning, ease out of sleep and reflect.  Make a routine at night so you can do this.  It is a way to balance the spirit and body on a daily basis and in essence reduce your stress.  Your dreams speak.

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