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Infinite Love Hybrid Group Program

Start your holistic journey with the right meditations and spiritual support to help you. Break past your anxieties, settle your fears with 24/7 access. The hybrid access, you get options for 1:1 personalized healing sessions with the group meditations.

Go All In & Put You First!

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  • The Infinite Love On-Demand Program (Value $997)

  • Exclusive Live Q&A Sessions (Value $997)

  • "Infinite Love Healing Meditations" (Value $1200) 

  • 1:1 Energetic Healing & Intuitive Guidance Sessions (Value $6,000)

  • Plus You Will Get These 4 Never Seen Before Bonuses

  • BONUS #1: Pocket Healing with channeled messages (value $1100)

  • BONUS #2: Support 1:1 calls between sessions  (Value $1100)

  • BONUS #3: Recommendations for Holistic care, products and tools (Value $750)

  • BONUS #4: Digital Journal for notes, photos and videos (Value $750)

  • That's a total value of $12,500

    Join Today for Only $563 A Month

    (or Choose Your Preferred Program) 


    When does the program start?

    You'll get access to the Infinite Love Portal right away and then prompted for a discovery call to schedule your 1:1 sessions. Emails will arrive as you register, notifying you of the upcoming live events with a simple way to add to your calendar. 

    What if I can't attend the live events?

    There are replays!  So no worries.  Just stay tuned for the email notification, or in our community group chat for the recorded live event to be posted. 

    How do distant sessions work?

    Sessions are done via phone for you to better relax an email is sent to prepare you.   For international, we connect via Telegram. In addition for support, the program is organized and starts with modules that are broken up in parts. Accompanied with meditations, worksheets when needed and actions. In addition, the replays are placed in their sections for ease of access and easily labeled for you to find when needed. 

    How often can I call you? 

    There are so many tools with information, energy healing techniques, meditations here to assist you.  In addition, you will have the support of a spiritual community that is going through the very same things you are working through.  So with that, there are availabilities to request a scheduled call. Otherwise, connect in the telegram app for messaging  and all requests are responded to during normal business hours.  

    Do you have any guarantees?

    The energy healing is a two part process.  So for things to effectively work, you must be ready for a change.  If you are not ready, then this is not for you.  It does require changed behavior and effort on your part for true changes to be made.  So I cannot guarantee you will change, for part of this work depends on you. 

    Do You believe in God? Is this voodoo? Obia? witchcraft?

    Hopefully by this point, you know me well enough to not question this.  However, for someone just meeting me, this work is all about love. So yes, I believe in God.  No to anything otherwise.  I see angels, other beings and such in healings and as you grow, you will see or feel them too.  This is a spiritual experience that is as real as the device in front of you now. 

    This program works!

    Ananya Chatterjee

    "I'm sleeping better, so much less anxiety, manifested a new job and now manifesting the man I want to be with. These weekly meetings have helped me alot."

    Ivan Garcia

    "This program has helped me alot.  I was going through so much in all aspects of my life.  Finding this, I am feeling more confident, happier and more focused on my goals."

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