Inspirations begin today

Inspirations in your life begin at that very moment where you are tired of the same results and make the decision to move forward to new things.  The changes that come from this are dynamic, they leave you uncomfortable and if not careful is an easy path to get back on the same horse you just got off of.

A true change from within does not come because there is a change in the date, day, month or year.  But at a moment where you realize and know from within that you want something different.  In seeking the truth and finding this true foundation, the rock as they use biblically, it can be a difficult quest.

I can speak from experiences that were new and challenging to me that change is not always easy.  That although the weight gets lifted and released, that as humans and creatures of habit, that without discipline the old patterns can come back.

The key is making the decision to not focus on the obstacle and to resist that nagging feeling from within (the mind) that wants to hold on to the comfort (old patterns) for security.  Staying true to peace and waiting things out is probably the best way to go through a changing pattern in our lives.

It grounds us, creates moments of reflection and keeps us from doing the same thing we have always done.

Here is where the Inspiration begins.  Here is where moments of silence moves negative energy away and creates an empty space to create.  Here is where we can bring in the light and positive things in our lives.

Write them down.  Write them more than once.  Visualize you doing these new things.  As a negative thought, an obstacle or a  past experience/pattern enters your mind, mentally banish it.  Multiple times daily.  It’s the only true way to successfully discipline your mind to a new way of thinking.

This new way is cultivating an inspiration from within.  One that supersedes your current reality and one that strengthens your belief.  So open your mind, by taking these small steps to change your inner thinking that keeps you from the greater things in life that you and I deserve.

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