Inspire One

Inspiring is not always a big show case that is done on a stage with many to view, but the moment you spend with a single person that changes their life.   So often we are focused on changing to make a difference and this deep desire to make an impact that our impatience overtakes our thought process to create something big.  Often enough, we miss the small important pieces that makes that real big difference in one person.

See as one, we are limited, but with the strength of many we are powerful.  To be powerful each person must be just as strong as the original.  If you jump to the big picture, you miss the small steps that essentially strengthen the groundwork to a stabilize the framework needed for a powerful infrastructure.

you never know whats going on inside.

So what I am saying is make a difference with someone you know or don’t know that you may come across in your day to day life.  Smile.  Say a positive word or find away to send that peace to or advice to a person that may ask for your help.

See, its the smallest gestures that give a lasting impact to anothers life.  Right now, there are senseless killings and terrible anger stemming from emotional hurts and pains that have been ignored for too long.  Shattered dreams, lost hope and caring for humanity for they themselves have been hurt too.

It brings tears to my eyes seeing so much hurt in a young childs eyes, a teen that has come into this world with so much hope to only have them shattered by the people closest to them, their parents, families, teachers and friends.  Having their dreams shattered as they are birthed into existence and being forced to conform to something that not within them.


These dreams of doing things out of societal norms and wanting to be different and being told that they can’t. They CAN’T.  Its terrible for these dreams were shattered long before they were conceived with their predecessors.

So with this, as strong as some may seem, many are battling something stronger within them that now is pouring out into violence, stemming from hurt and built from anger.  So inspire one.  Inspire the one near you.  Inspire ones that may be strange to you or dear to you.

Even if you fight your own battle, love and find peace in your heart to bring a positive flow of energy out around you, for it will be returned.  It is written as you give, you shall receive.  But as you do this, do not give to receive.  Give from the heart, a love, a lesson a joy, a peace that cannot be denied.

To Inspire you must find the happiness within you to truly give and radiate the energy.  It really is not as hard as it seems.  So I’m sharing a little video to put a little smile on YOUR face.  🙂

God Speed and  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff!

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