Is enlightenment and faith contradictions?

With the growing knowledge and awareness of faith and spirituality.  Apprehension of learning eastern world teachings on enlightenment has been shunned on by Western as not having faith but one of growing self ego and feeling of godlike qualities.  But is this truth?  Are we just growing ego, like the taste of the Tree of Knowledge?

I say no.  For as much as you study, re-read and learn, you will see that the answer from the source is all the same.  This validates that there is one source.  But the blending of these worlds actually puts the body together.  It instructs and matures our spirituality by allowing human source that we are indeed responsible for our fate with our decisions.  By removing the disconnect between the two worlds, you then heighten your own awareness and learned teachings on how to actually connect as God has designed through prayer and meditation.


By lifting the veil and opening your eyes to what is beyond the physical vision, we allow ourselves to be open to receive God’s instructions to your very own life’s path.  The connectivity you seek in a building now is found from within and connected to all life source.  Thus much greater than the disillusion that society has taught within divided cultures.   However, when we free our mind from such fallacies, we then free ourselves to the truth and remove our selves from fear.

Removing the veil, opens the mind to greater potentials and allows us to face our own insecurities.  We now have the access to have true CONTROL over what we really and truly have control over through access of the divinity.  So Important in today’s world where within relationships of all types the interaction has the need to BLAME another for the reaction of oneself. This is an example of loss control and displacement of power.  For the blame relinquishes oneself from the equation and disconnects from learning from the experience.  To operate from a true level of control, it must be from a place of peace and love.  A positive source and vibration level.  If you are not operating from a place of peace and love, then you are using control from a a Human level and Ego sense.  Thus resulting back to a blame.

So this level must truly be practiced and matured to be consistent with the source.  To KNOW that the control we are exercising from within is from a true surrender and level of trust to synchronicity of the universe.  If not, you will not achieve success in your spiritual growth.

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