Is Your Vision Too Narrow?

We all get visions and goals of where we would like to see ourselves.  But how do you know that your vision has had blinders that narrowed your very own view of shaping into a reality?

Most often the clarity of this is not present.  Recognition will be avoided until a few folds of failure before an organic find can actually be made.  However, there are things that you can cross check to ensure that are not just seeing the laser sharp (narrow) vision but also the wide angle or further out view. 

Four Questions to Ask Yourself

Does your vision have a date? 

To successfully achieve, finish,  you must know when you want this by.

Do you have a clear picture of what your outcome should look like? 

Can you see it, describe it and be with it?  This is where your creativity can really flow to cultivate your vision.  Make it real.  After seeing it in your mind.  Make it real. Draw it, Get newspaper clippings, PInterest it, just find it.  Having a visual display of what you are growing to achieve is an easy way to hone in on what you seek.  Then post it, make it easily accessible for you to focus on daily and bring to life.  

Have you put numbers to it?

The numbers don’t lie.  You must tie in numbers, be it for money, time frame or measurement, there needs to be a calculation or breakdown for how you achieve.  

Have you used your internal zoom button? 

Make your way from the outcome to now and from now to the outcome.  Mentally there must be a draw in operations on HOW this will get done.  To successfully achieve any goal an essential mix to mastering is moving from the BIG picture (final outcome) to backing in to where you are now and incrementally moving forward.

See as a conceptual learner, we need to ask simplistic questions with application to life changes and decisions.  Utilizing the ability to scale things forward and back, working your numbers in and breaking things down is the way to make your Big Hairy Goal, Simplistic and more manageable.


One final question that should be asked is, Can I do this?

Not meaning achieve your goal, but some tasks can you find someone to assist and help.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask for help.  This world is about connecting.  Just as our human body is made of many parts to work as one unit, so must your vision have building blocks and/or parts to sustain the growth.

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