I like to read and a dear friend of mine had shared the art of journaling, so now I love to write too.  🙂  At the time I looked at him and thought, I didn’t know men journaled?  ( ignorance)  But this man, shared with me how it got him through many challenges in life, through marriage and with growing and developing as a father, spiritually and much more.   So I took his advice and found this to be very therapeutic.  It gave an insight within me and looking back to see where I have grown.

Its funny, I started to write  an intro and share a prayer I wrote but now, as my thoughts flow, I find that it is important I share a secret in changing you.  The first step is with understanding you.  With journaling, it gives you a way to rewind time and see what you were thinking, feeling and perceiving at a time.   It allows you to assess your thought patterns and make the changes needed to get to that better place you set for yourself in life.  
affordable way to get in touch with yourself.

When you begin to journal, you may have fear based thoughts if someone will read it, or to NOT write the truth within you.   You must face the Good, Bad and the Ugly if you want to make a change in your life.  It is only then you can truly start taking the action to make changes in your daily habits and build the discipline to maintain a consistent efforts in this change.

A person’s perception is their reality and what I’ve learned in journaling is that a person often times in a relaxed state, writes as they speak.  It is here you can reflect back on your communication style.   If certain obstacles present themselves to you as you build relationships, friendships, business partnerships,  conversations with children – whatever the case may be.   You get a marking point here to see the differences in each style and how you can then improve yourself or the situation from there.

Not to mention a way of release, if something is troubling you or if emotional baggage is being held on to.  It frees you and allows you to let it go.   My parents have always told me that I was never one of malice or to hold on to things…which reading back.  I am not…However, as I go through things, things need to be talked out at the time.  As I’ve grown, journaling has been a great outlet to reassess.  
If you have been journaling great, I urge you to continue.  If you have not, I say give it a shot.  
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