Just Allow

Being self motivated is an art that one must master to be truly successful in life.  Motivate yourself to listen through the heart and just allow things to come to you as you believe they should be.  There is no trick.  Just a simple thought and decision in your mind.

As humans, we can overthink this, which I have and lose out on much that is to gain in life. Be it happiness, love, success or much more.  By motivating yourself to allow, you allow better things to enter your life that can actually stretch you and move you to greater places of peace.

Peace being a stillness of just knowing.  Peace meaning knowing you.   Often times, we go on a quest to “find ourselves”  when in essence we are here.  This quest is one seeking this very peace.


The Me, I want to find is inside.  Not in another place lost on another land but here.  So running from what we don’t want to see, the ugly, hurt or disdained part of self is not the right thing to do.  Though I understand changing a space may “feel” like we are accepting new energy, so we can connect better.  But avoiding the “pain” only keeps the blockage.  They should be faced to break from the strongholds and allow the new.  This is called removing the blockage.

Remove the blockage to allow.  Allow.  To be, to flow, to love, to laugh, to cry, to grow and to know.

Be You.  The true you.   – Namaste

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