Just Allow

Just allow the moments to pass through and embrace the thoughts as the come clear to ones mind.  You are co-creator of this life and neither past or present experiences can predict the outcome of your future possibilities.

So look for the synchronicity within life and you will find the answers that you seek.

It is here you aware of the course and can navigate through life in a way that is best needed for that moment.

Sequences are one of patterns and logical reasoning.  To manifest in an accord that is conducive to this, is one way of meeting the universe.  The universe to love.

Universal love is the key to remove earth and all its components from the duality and negative forces that exist.

Move with the energy and allow the connection from within.  Move with the energies to grow and remove complacency.  For complacency brings idle thought and harbors dust.  Dust that would include the doubt, worry, anxiety and stress.

Learn to not stop thoughts that are abusive to your mind, body or soul.  But to allow them to to just pass through.  Allow yourself the gift of changing the dial to negative and moving through with the energies.

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