Just Go With It

No matter where you are starting from, there will always be limitations.  Especially when you dream big.  The thing is we all see the end result, how we want things to look as the finished product.  The challenge is the start and not having the resources to get there.

The conflict begins.

This is where you just go with it.  Everything is never going to be perfect for when you wish to begin something . If that was the case we would all be millionaires.  However, what is unique to you is your starting point.  What you do with it, is even more impactful.

The thing is that internal click to move past the objective thought process and make a decision to do something that will be movement in the direction of your goals.  Its easy to look at the financial constraints of starting something and creating self limiting beliefs on not moving forward.  But its also easy to pick up something as simple as a phone to get started with things too.

Get resourceful with the tools that you have access to.  As long as you have an internet connection you have access to the biggest search engines to get you the information to grow your personal knowledge that much more.

By staying focused on your path, energetically you bring things to you that are in direct correlation to your end goal.  As you do this, you will see they are the building blocks/pieces to the puzzle to get things moving.

In this day and age, if you have not done so, I would say invest in a smart phone if you are looking to build a business or start freelancing a business venture.  With these new phones you get the best of all marketing worlds all in one as well as  hub to organize all data on the go.

The Essential

The Samsung S5 is a great tool.  It has the 16 megapixel camera and access to a boatload of apps including voice to text to streamline your workflow.  If you are working towards a balanced life and fitness is a part of your plan, then this is great too for it calculates your heart rate, miles walked and much more.

I love the integrated calendar and to-do lists to organize my flow and did I mention the camera?  Well, yes, you will definitely get two tools in one right at your finger tip.  If you need photos, and things to get things started on a professional level the video and images from here is a great investment.  The one featured to the right here, can be purchased at Amazon if you have a Verizon plan for a low rate.

As an entrepreneur, I understand the levels of frustration that can occur when launching a business.  Even more important, I understand that nothing can grow until you plant a seed.

Sometimes its an investment.  If a change is needed for different results, then a change in action must be made to achieve this.  Taking a step to use something that will give you multidimensional access to things is a great step.  A phone, a computer and camera in one.

As you have this, work with what you have and build from there.  You continue to write goals, make plans, set a budget.  The biggest fear sometimes is making the sale.  But as you make each one, take the funds to put towards the other things needed for the business.  Don’t be scared to reinvest as you pay yourself.

So, whatever the starting point, just go with it.

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