Keep Going

No matter what your goal is, you will always have obstacles.  The key thing is controlling your mindset as you go through things.  I have had my own set of challenges and have made the decision to keep a positive mindset as I go through and overcome.

To mix things up a bit, I will be communicating through video blogs at times.  With these, I will have added notations and key points to help you through.  Just to break through some communication barriers, lost with non verbal cues..  Check out my first and meet me and see that hey like you, I am moving through too.  🙂

1.  Control Your Mindset
2.  Accept that You Must Go Through It
3.  Know that there are obstacles
4.  Find What is Your Available Resource to get through the current obstacle
5.  Speak about your concern obstacles with others.
6.  Learn from others Experience
7.  Focus on what you do want
8.  Every day, keep going.  Do something even if it is small, stay consistent with your efforts.
9.  Don’t give in to the negative patterns of thoughts
10.  Stay Positive.  Remember its a Choice.  So, keep positive thoughts with you as you receive an obstacle even after that one two many.

Remember that Expectation is the Enemy of Appreciation.  So stay strong, and know that you can make it through your challenge. Don’t give in to failure and keep pressing forward.  You are going to have  challenges but that’s alright, you are still in the race so finish with your best foot moving forward.

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