Keeping A Balanced Life Spiritually in Communication

lol…that’s how it feels. 🙂

This has been on my mind recently, the integration of two worlds.  The spirit life and then interacting with everyone else.

Let’s face it when you start going through your awakening, it is difficult to interact with both sides. Both sides meaning, the ones that are still closed to the ideas, methods, and possibilities to the ones that understand you and are with you on this same path.

As you find your tribe, your daily habits begin to change.  Your television shows, perhaps music and things you used to do evolve to match your new vibration and resonate with a different frequency.

This is great!

However, what if your life path is not to become a spiritual teacher?  then what?  Building a business,  or just living a life that you want to be fruitful requires some level of interaction with people that are different than you.

So the beliefs and how you handle things should not be different either?  Thats what I thought too…. 

For me it was hard, the adjustment meant that I was not myself and had to pretend to show interest in conversations or activities that I was losing the interest of.  I had to really learn to be comfortable with being alone and honestly, it was easier than I thought by doing what I loved to do.

But  as a business owner, it is a necessity to relate to the ones I am communicating with.

So the balance is key.

I’ve learned to protect my energy and what comes in.  This prevents me from being drained and feeling worn out after conversations.

To do this I would simply visualize a white light protecting me.  I would start this light with a few deep breaths and it starts from within me and then around.  With each breath expanding outward .

Secondly, I would manage my time.  For the things I don’t like to do, I a lot a smaller amount of time out of the week/month to do.  So for me, news, laundry or any task that I don’t enjoy I compact in a short time so I have more time to do the things I love to do.

This way I keep what interest me in focus and as a priority. You won’t lose you with doing this.

Especially when you ground yourself.  Do this daily through a basic meditation or by grounding the energetic body going outside and placing your feet into the earth without your shoes.

This is great to keep you centered and aligned with your true self.  It allows you to better discern the energies around you to make better decisions.

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