How to Stay Motivated and Find Your True Value

Just go and do it!  I got a good confirmation today from Dan Martell and that was to take action. That is what I must say.  We can plan a million ways and a million times and still be at the same place.  When you know what you have and what you can provide, just focus on that.  When you focus on that, you then think of the people that will need what you have be it a service or product if we are thinking business and goals.  This is how you stay motivated and on the course.

It sounds too simple.  Well it is.  It is always easier to say, than to do.  Understand this, everything is never going to be perfect.  Nor do you have to go figure everything out on your own to get to another level.  By investing in yourself daily, you build your knowledge base and grow in confidence.

But don’t invest all of your time in inertia.  You must go and do it.  Things will come, but not unless you are active daily, consistently and profit producing tasks.

If you are just starting at:

  •  Job
  • As an entrepreneur
  • On your fitness course
  • Start to buy a home
  • Better your credit
  • Going back to School
Whatever the case may be, the only way to stay motived is to keep your eye on the goal and making the goal something personal to you and your life’s purpose.  The one that excites you.  Not the I want to get rich and/or famous one.  But the REAL, benefit to what you will do or contribute to society.

So, plan and then work.  Break past the mental self-limiting beliefs and really embrace YOUR VALUE.  The beliefs that tell you:
  • I’m Not Good Enough
  • I don’t know what the professionals know
  • I can’t cause I’ve never tried
  • I don’t have the money
  • I’ve never gone to school
  • I’ve never made that amount before
  • I’ve tried but always failed
Whatever your belief is, it is wrong when they are negative as the ones listed.  Know that you are more and that you do matter and what you have will be valued.  For resources, find ways to improve your situation if needed and start asking.  There are ways, you just have to get creative with the process.  Put it out there into the Universe, Believe and Find the right people to help you, make calls scan the internet and Just Go and Do the Darn thing!  
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