Learning to Become One

To become one is a process of understanding duality.  You must put in the time and work to raise belief.    This is the same as to be “born again”. To be as you are in the spirit, the change comes from a process of set beliefs that is followed by action.  The action that is not only difficult but ones that require you to look into your mind, emotions and belief patterns.   

Identify the real change

The real change that comes from within, brings us to the New Age.  An era, where hypocrisy is ended, truths are aligned and the positive energies that bring us to a higher state of consciousness arise.   It is where an understanding of Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Allah and other teachers that have come before to teach.  Separate the mind from labels and go within to feel what resonates as truth. It is all about connections.  


Connecting within and knowing God and the vibrations of love this way.  The true way it is designed.  Spirituality is not a term that is to be used in cliche to dismiss your inner calling.  It is who we are. It is the identification of what our true power and energy are.   It is the being of being “IN” this world but not “OF” this world.


We must accept the words that were placed in the bible and teachings brought in books.  For these are our manuals for understanding what is truly within us.  To dismiss as a man-made construct is to refute what is best for us.  This will further pull you away from your inner spirit and create conflict.
For guidance, we must use our manual for life and spirit.  This is how we achieve a greater understanding of our minds.  It is how we identify watered down teachings and discern what is right.  
In this new millennium, each soul will learn to make the decision to become more aware.  This requires you to go within through meditation and practicing mindfulness.  To become one is a process of blending the dualities of Body and Spirit by allowing the mind to change its position.  Change from Mind to Heart Centered and you will find clarity and peace.  

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