Lessons Learned

Interesting day.  Interesting conversations.  Interesting life.  When you resign yourself to what cannot be and accept what is, you open yourself to something profound.  One that is elemental to your success.  If you are open, you will receive this message well.  If you are not, its okay, we are all here with different gifts, levels and things to bring to this experiment.

Confirmations are experiences that occur when you have prayed, meditated or asked for some form of connectivity to God that you are going the right direction.    When you ask, you will receive.  But you must ask.  I go back to this coreness, because it is a fundamental key needed with personal and business growth.  Without the strength within,you will fold in the challenges of life or lose pace.

Losing pace is the elements of losing time due to confusion, doubt and weariness in a situation.  For business, it is imperative that you connect the emotional side of your human side into your goals and what you are working to achieve.   By not connecting this with your goals, the focus now becomes more on the problem.  This results in lost man power, essentially more focus and time on a particular project than may be needed.

I’ve found that although the practice of meditation or prayer itself may not bring the actual monetary rewards for doing the simple action.  The long term result shows that your discipline in the higher power, regardless of faith, gives you the rewards by providing the answers and bringing the right tools and people to you.

They ALL CONNECT.  Pay more attention to the synchronicity of it all and you will relate greater than you can ever imagine and if/when applied will reap the true rewards brought to you.

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