Let It Go

I was inspired by a song.  Natural born Jamaican, I love the music and embrace my culture.  See music has a way of reaching you in a way that some thoughts and conversations can’t.   This one was called Let It Go.

As much as we go through things, it is easy to hold on to weight that keep you from being your natural you even when you have not tried to.   The pain, rejection, anxiety, worry are all weights that carry a load on your mind, body and spirit.

Pride, bitterness, anger or sadness are other things too that we carry and create a distance between you and the ones that you love or care for the most.  They keep you from allowing new things in for fear of dealing.

I’ve never thought of myself of holding on to things, but I have found that hurt and some of these baggages have been carried and have held me away from greater things.  I’ve prayed, meditated, talked things out and have written.  The thing is I think, I thought since I did it the other day,  I’m good.  Not realizing that I don’t stay still so new things arise and that I have picked up new things and not let them go.

Going through failures, rejection, lost friends, others opinions, health issues, divorce, death and financials and all the other issues that life can hand you, I realized I have collected some debris.  The process of healing and cleansing my inner being has been such a job.  It has not been easy.  But I am still growing, learning and somehow teaching and sharing with others the messages that I receive.

I used to speak only with friends/family one on one, but now I am here and finding many are reaching and listening.   What I have gone through has not been easy for me, but I have learned to identify with so many more.

I grew up watching my neighbor/family take in children that were beaten, molested, mistreated and understanding how life is different for each walk.  I went through my list of challenges, losses and gains for a reason higher than me that at times I really don’t understand why.

But one thing I am grateful for, is the closeness it brought me to God.  How spiritually, I learned to lean on him.  To pray and let it go to him.  A friend of mine when things were dark in my life, said “Keshia, pray.”  I was at a crossroads and that advice, I will never forget her for.  It took me through.

I’ve learned through things many more messages from God, healing, love, tears, caring and sharing. I learned that you have to go THROUGH, don’t stop, let things go and forgive  yourself as you forgive others.

The forgiving myself was one I didn’t think of.  But was well needed.  I hope this helps someone.  To just let it go, trust and  believe in something greater.  Positive light, energy and healing of the mind, body and for a renewed spirit.

Peace and Light.  

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